About Us

Integrity. Transparency. Trust. Respect. These values are woven into the fabric of Mudun. They are the fundamentals on which this business was built, and the virtues behind its continued success.

We are a continuation of one of the oldest and most prestigious family businesses in the Middle East and have rewritten the rulebook on what a company in this sector should be. We honour the hard work of three generations of the Kaki family by continuing to provide a complete solution for clients across the Middle East, combining elements of real estate development, investments, hospitality, and more, and giving every client our complete and undivided attention.

Mudun was founded in 2013, but its history dates back to 1897, when the Kaki family business was established by Sheikh Saleh Kaki. A lot has changed since then, with technology advancing leaps and bounds and the Middle-Eastern landscape experiencing an evolutionary transformation, but those four values remain at the heart of everything that we do.

Our expertise is as diverse as the projects that we undertake, and we are constantly looking to grow and expand as a company. In recent years we have expanded our construction department to include several specialties, we have established a real estate development department, and we have also hired many new experts to accommodate the growing needs of our clients and the increased demands of this industry.

Sector We Cover


We can help with projects ranging from family homes to apartment buildings and entire compounds. Home is where the heart is, and building homes are at the very heart of what we do here at Mundun. We work with contractors to ensure the complex needs of the client are met and that the eventual occupier is safe and
secure in their new home.


We are building a strong and diverse portfolio of office buildings, retail locations, and other commercial enterprises, from the biggest players insisting on being bigger, better, and grander than their rivals, to the smaller companies who want their share of the retail pie. We can help everyone to find their place in the market
and to capitalize on an industry that is projected to be worth over $310 billion USD by 2021.


 We help local and international companies with the completion of hotels and restaurants, while also playing a role in the coffee and tea room boom. The entertainment sector is exploding across the GCC, with more tourists and more cash flow leading to a greater demand for theatres, cinemas, and other entertainment venues. We have situated ourselves at the epicenter of entertainment sector growth and can help with every aspect of it, regardless of the
project, the company behind it, or their needs.


All projects, regardless of size, will be given the full the attention of our experienced contractors, who work hard to fit every brick, girder, and pane of glass according to the project specifications. We can work on every aspect of the interior and exterior and do so under close supervision from the client, ensuring their exacting needs are met at every stage of the process…

  • Design Build
    This process overlaps the design and build phases and reduces the time that these processes typically take while also minimizing risk and expense.
  • Interior Fit Out
    Our interior fitting services include bespoke creations, decorating, and more. We have our own skilled joiners and design experts to match your home or your office to your tastes, and we can also create personalized furniture for that extra special touch.
  • Manufacture
    We can help with any aspect of manufacturing, supplying the machines and equipment needed for processes to run smoothly.
  • Facades
    Do you have your heart set on a classical exterior to impress sightseers or do you want something eye-catching that advertises your brand? The facade of a building is how you advertise yourself to the local community, it’s your building’s PR, and it’s therefore just as essential as any online or offline marketing campaign.